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How It Works

Enter personal data of the employee, define labor terms and the system will automatically generate labor contracts.

Register labor terms changes, PTO and bonuses by entering the basic inputs. The system will generate respective HR paperwork automatically.

Get payroll immediately based on HR records. Forget about spreadsheets!

Pay the salary using payment documents automatically generated on top of payslips. Print or make the payments online – using the corresponding XML files.

Get the income tax return, which is generated automatically by the system in parallel with payslips.

Enter personal data of the employee, define labor terms and the system will automatically generate labor contracts.

Register and update your personal and contact information, education details.

Get seamless access to all your HR documents like labor contracts and other paperwork.

There is no need to add contact details of your colleagues to your address book. Just contact them from the app’s address book.

Apply for vacations, day-offs or business trips via Himnark Workplace web & mobile app. Himnark Workplace will help to make communication between employer և employee easy, fast and joyful.

Get full access to the details of calculation of your salary, including timesheet, payroll and tax deduction details.

You can see your teammates’ records of annual leave, day-offs or business trips. Calendar can be integrated with the company’s inner calendar.

Eliminate odd paperwork and phone conversations with employees

How we are different

All In One

There is no need to make redundant records in differentspreadsheets and systems. Payroll and HR Paperwork are generated in the single platform based on the same data.

Quick Start

The system is up and running immediately upon signing up. No need to waste time installing any SW or setting up security keys.


Himnark Workplace mobile app will help to manage employee satisfaction and to make employee communication easy, fast and convenient.


Available from anywhere. All you need is just a device connected to the Internet - your data and the system is kept in the safe cloud environment.

Pay As You Go

Pay only a monthly subscription which depends on the number of employees in your team. No other fees required.

User Friendly

The system is straightforward, easy to learn and fun to use. No need to waste your time on boring training sessions.

Some of our amazing customers.

Lilit Martirosyan Grant Thornton, People & Culture Manager

Himnark People is a unique combination of modern and innovative technological solutions, which allows to upscale the quality of human capital management and ensures faster and easier implementation of processes. And what is also important, is that it brings new experience and efficiency to the employer-employee relationship with its 24/7 mobile app.

Anush Abrahamyan Instigate Systems, Accountant

The major part of accounting in our company relates to Payroll & HR processing. When we used AS Accountant for accounting, we didn’t use many of its features, in the meantime we had to maintain multiple Word and Excel templates for HR & Payroll purposes. Himnark People feature set fits our HR & Payroll processing requirements. It is convenient and affordable. Hence we decided to use it together with AS Bookkeeper free tool.

Kristina Arakelova Onex, HR Generalist

It is important for growing companies to have such a tool to properly monitor and manage Human Resource management processes. With Himnark People, you can automate HR & Payroll and focus on people.

Narine Terzyan_IRIS BI_Himnark
Narine Terzyan IRIS Business Incubator, Executive Director

Himnark People helps us to prepare HR related documents and Payroll calculations easily. The beauty of a cloud system is that you can access it from anywhere and any device, which was especially useful when working from home during COVID-19 quarantine.

Liana Hovhannisyan_Erida technologies_Himnark
Liana Hovhannisyan Erida Technologies, CEO & Founder

With Himnark People it is just one step to become an accountant. As the Founder & CEO of the company I like the fact that Himnark People allows me to get full access to HR data, make calculations seamlessly. The report of unused vacation helped us to start a process of vacation planning.

Sergey Muradyan_Step consulting_Himnark
Sergey Muradyan Step Consulting, Founder

Our company is specialized in the sphere of providing complex consulting service for the IT companies. We tend to use innovations in our service delivery process. Such innovation is Himnark People system, which helps to be more efficient and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Ani Grigoryan_Parvanyan_Himnark
Ani Grigoryan Parvanyan Consulting, Head of accounting team

Himnark People is well-equipped and allows manage time effectively. The staff also makes great efforts to help us master the program's capabilities

Knarik Grigoryan_gg_Himnark
Knarik Grigoryan GG, COO

Himnark People makes the lives of their customers easier by making team data entry simple and automating the HR & Payroll processes. This makes communication between other teams and accounting team easy and enjoyable. This is thanks to responsiveness of Himnark team, which rapidly develops necessary features and open to accept request of new functionality development.

Karen Khachatryan Vitesse, Director

Himnark People is an effective and easily easy to use platform for quick updating employee old information or creating new one.It facilitates the generation of job data and documents.It is also worth noting that the whole Himnark People team is also available online and responds quickly to all questions.

Arman Manaseryan Every Day CJSC, Director

One of the most important goals of our team is automation and provision of high speed. Himnark People will allow to automate the management of HR and make it more efficient.

Standard Package

Himnark People
Դ 1000* Price per employee
  • Online
  • Caring customer support
  • Unlimited number of users

Premium Package

Himnark People
Դ 2000* Price per employee
  • Online
  • Caring customer support
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Web & Mobile app for employee self-service

* The prices contain the VAT.

Learn more about our calculation system here.

It is time to eliminate the chaos in HR and payroll!


Adding employees

Simply set labor terms and the system will automatically generate labor contract using the template pre-loaded into the system.

Overtime and night work

Register start and end hours of the work and the system will calculate the pay and hours worked. No need for extra registration for the shift based works.

Payroll calculation

Payroll Calculation is fully automated. All you need is to check whether records are correct.

Managing labor contracts

Register a new labor contract if salary or other labor term is changed. All versions of labor contract are available visualizing employee’s career development.


Register the partner and the system will generate the contract. Taxes are calculated when payment is done.

Other time off options

There is a straightforward mechanism for registering sick leave and other types of time off.

Health insurance

Calculation of insurance pay for employees and their family members, as well as its taxation was never so simple and quick. Just try it.

Payroll calculation

Payroll is calculated within seconds taking into account employee’s labor terms, timesheet generated, bonuses, etc.

Documentation Management

HR documents automatically get generated based on pre-loaded templates.

Bookkeeping records

In parallel with payslips system generates bookkeeping formulations of the payroll calculations. Users can export those records into AS-Accountant 7.

Payment processing

Press payment button and system will generate payslips, which are compatible with online banking systems.

Calculation of taxes and state payments

The system computes taxes and state payments in parallel with payslips and generates income tax reports, employee hiring applications.

Legislation changes

Changes of the legislation and regulations are automatically reflected in the system.

Himnark develops modern solutions for automating administrative functions of small and medium enterprises helping them to get free from daily routine and enjoy the pleasure of creative work.



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