Стандартный пакет

Himnark People
Դ 1000* для каждого сотрудника
  • 833* при годовой подписке

Премиум пакет

Himnark People
Դ 2000* для каждого сотрудника
  • 1667* при годовой подписке

*Цены включают НДС


You pay only a monthly subscription which depends on the number of employees in your team. Per-user pricing. No other fees required.

An unlimited number of himnarks can be attached to the user account. Consulting company employees can register all himnarks serviced by her/him and invite the representative of each himnark to join the appropriate environment. Invited users can see only himnarks attached to him/her.

Yes, the prices mentioned in the website contain the VAT.

It is calculated according to the number of employees with active labor contracts in entities associated with your account as of the last working day of that month.

The monthly billing will be calculated by the number of employees who have active contracts in that company during that month.

The number of employees with active labor contracts is mentioned in the annual subscription contract and this number is used to calculate the monthly billing for that year. 

If a customer does not activate a plan after Free Trial he will have access to the system, but will not be able to enter or change any data there.

We have two Packages – Standard and Premium. In Standard Package the system is free for companies with up to 10 employees. Then from 10 employees and more you pay 1000 dr per employee per month. In Premium Package you pay 2000 dr per employee per month.

Payer is defined for each company. Both individuals and the legal entity may be the payer. User can pay for some companies attached to him from his account, and set some companies as payer.

The number of users is unlimited.

Himnark CJSC will issue invoices electronically every month.

By signing an annual subscription agreement, the customer is obliged to use Himnark People in the coming year and receive a 16.67% discount (free two month subscription)

In case of cancellation of annual subscription monthly subscription will be applied for the months used, calculating the number of employees actually employed for each month. The debt resulting from the recalculation should be paid within 5 days of the cancellation of the contract.

Himnark CJSC will issue invoices electronically in the beginning of the next month. The invoices will be billed to the individual or legal entity who concluded the contract with Himnark CJSC.

Himnark разрабатывает современные решения для автоматизации административных функций малых и средних предприятий, помогая им освободиться от повседневной рутины и получить удовольствие от творческой работы.